Loose War Memorial


In the year 2000 the Parish Council decided to restore the war memorial as a Millennium project because over the years some of the lettering had become illegible. After this had been done our present archivist Margaret Chapman remarked that it was a pity that for most people the names were just that – names.

She decided to do some research and over a period of time, much work and some monetary support from the Allen Grove Local History Fund  her work was published. Now the names are a living memorial which give an insight to the people who gave their lives. This work extended to all the names of those who died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It has been exhibited at our meetings and in other places in Kent.

I understand even now there will be some revisions but you can view it here in its present form here:- http://vuplayer.com/margaret/families_of_wartime_loose.pdf

The file is large and takes a little while to download if you wish to view it all and maybe print. You will need Adobe Reader to do this.You can download it free from here . The best functionality is achieved by using Internet Explorer as your browser.